Hockey Training Guide

Hockey is not an easy sport because it requires so many skills and most of them are separate and dependent mutually. If you want to master all the skills a lot of practice and dedication is required.

There are other areas of training hockey such as eye training, nutrition and mental awareness. Hockey is all about recovery therefore the training routine must be like a sprinter and not like a marathon runner. Instead of the long distances the workout should be composed of short training such as suicides and shuttles.

It is also vital that you incorporate the correct amount between various intervals. For instance if you are going to run a suicide, it is prudent that you give yourself around two minutes for the body to rest so that the body recognizes recovery period that it can be able to adapt. If you want to get into hockey shape it is a must that you maintain the right balance of resting and working because you are going to spend a lot of time on the bench.

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Better Quickness

As a hockey player, it is vital that you concentrate on speed and explosive movements this is because you are not going to reach full acceleration. The first step thickness will be your bread and butter therefore it is vital that you work for five to ten sprints. Diagonal movements are also vital because you will be pushing off the skates in diagonal motion and you are not going to push it back.

Good Strength

Building strength is not only about how much weight you can be able to lift. You can be a small guy on the team but the hardest to knock the puck. Resistance is the only solution to develop power. Being in a position to pull or pushing through your weight will teach the muscles how to compensate resistance so that when you step out from the ice, your stride is going to be powerful and you are going to be a strong force.

Building a good core

Sit ups are a good way to get strong but it is vital for hockey players to put a lot emphasis on traditional methods mostly. Most players play hockey on their feet and they do not lie down. Performing twists and squats will help loosen your flexors.

Greater flexibility



If you want the most from the muscles there are two various stretches which are used in the workout. Static stretching is the resting motion and dynamic stretching is the active motion. Dynamic stretching must be performed before a workout so that blood can flow and prepare muscles for work that they are going to be doing. Dynamic stretches are mostly performed on the move. Static stretching must be performed after workout when the muscles are warm.

Healthy lifestyle

This is more than eating well. It is vital to make sure you are not taking fast food burgers daily, it is also imperative to make sure that you are training well and sleeping well. For young kids it is important for parents to take active role and make sure that players are developing the right habits when they are at home.

When you go out to go for training ensure that you train movement patterns instead of individual muscles. Look out for any hockey training program and follow it until you understand about the basics of hockey training.

Hockey Moves to Trick Your Opponent

The hockey season is around the corner. It is time to learn about some of the best hockey moves to trick your opponent. Hockey is not a very simple sport it is a tough one but a fun game played by both men and women. If you want to win playing the game you must know of a few moves and tricks that you will use so that you can defeat your opponent.

The Michigan

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The trick was made first by a University player of Michigan known as mike Legg but he did not invent it. He used the trick to score tying goal. The first step is lowering the stick so that the wide part of the blade can be parallel to the ice. Then on the puck, press using your stick so that the other end can raise the ice. Drag the puck on your side then move the stick in an arc. Bring the puck back and move it forward in a trajectory. When you start the portion of the arc where you are going to push the puck forward, rotate the wrists quickly so that you can bring the bottom edge of the stuck below the puck as you move forward. When the edge of the stick is below, lift the stick in the air and keep the puck on its edge until you will be ready to scoop it. Make the scooping motion faster.

Crosby pyramid trick

This trick is mostly used by the best hockey players. But for you to master the trick it is a must that you practice it several times. The first step is setting up five to six rows of pucks on top of the boards. Then line up the pucks, the farther you will be from the pucks the better. Then shoot and try to dislodge many pucks.

Between the legs move

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According to most hockey players this trick is one of the easiest to master. Position yourself in a nice place so that the puck can be on your forehead and on your side. If you are right handed the puck must be outside the right foot. Then bring the foot close to the puck and flick your wrists so that you can pass the puck between the feet. Move the stick in front of the lead then down on the ice so that you can catch your own backhand side of the stick.

Hockey is just like other types of games but a lot of practice is needed. Find a trick that is going to work for you. Doing practice regularly will help will make the moves seem natural. So when you get on the ice you will not think about which trick you should use to trick your opponent.

It is also vital that you practice more than one trick. The best players train regularly on and off the ice so that they can improve on their games. You can also do research online on some of the best hockey moves this is important because it is going to help improve your tactics.

5 Best Goal Shots of all Time

Sports is a relaxing way of people to either pass time or have a good workout. For others it is a career and this is how they make their money. There are very many sports one can choose to be engaged in. we have football, basketball, hockey, cricket, tennis, soccer and many more.

The decision of what you choose is entirely up to you and your likes. For others it may be talent or something that runs in the family. The games are pretty entertaining and competitive and most of them involve scoring goals. They are played in teams of many people or individually. For one to win, they need to score the most goals and make sure their opponents don’t beat them.

The games are played mainly in fields that are big enough and spacious enough to allow them to move around freely. It can be either on grass, ice, or a carpet depending on the type of game being played. The length of time the game needs to use also vary as others need less time and others more time. There are usually coaches and referees to keep the game on track and train the players.



Hockey is a game that involves two teams playing against each other. It involves the use of a hockey stick and a small ball and the team members pass each other the ball for it to be scored in a goal. They try and make sure the ball is not taken by the other members of the team and they try and score at the end where they have their goal keeper. Hockey is mainly divided into two as there is field hockey and ice hockey. Field hockey is where the game is played on the field which may contain a carpet or just a plan field. Ice hockey involves playing the game on ice.

It is a very entertaining and interesting game and most people even children can play it. There have been numerous goals that have been scored over the years during different seasons. There are certain players that have had the privilege of scoring five goals in a single game during national games. We have

  1. Johan Franzen who scored five goals in a game during the 2014 national game. It was such a celebration and achievement for him as this made his team win the game.
  2. Marian Gaborik also had the chance of scoring five goals in a single game in the year 2007. Unfortunately his team did not win but it was a great score for him.
  3. Joe Malone is one of the greatest players in hockey and he has been known to score five goals in a game many times. He may be considered one of the best players in the world as he has earned this title by the numerous goals he has scored throughout the years.
  4. Newsy Lalonde has scored six goals in a game and had the over three five-goal games.
  5. Wayne Gretzky has the leading scores in goals as he has had over six five-goal games overall.

Taking the Title

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Hockey is a game that has been there since the early years and it will continue to be played for many more years to come. Taking the title as champions is not easy as it needs a lot of practice and adherence. Thorough training and discipline will give your team what you need earning you the title as hockey champions.